Going on a night out because of FOMO ends up costing you £60 a week

And old age pensioners end up going out more than you do


Sheep-like boys and girls who suffer from fear of missing out are actually spending an extra £60 a week partying, according to a new survey. 

Thirty-seven per cent of spineless participants quizzed in a survey of 18-24-year-olds say they go on nights out they shouldn’t have purely out of FOMO and end up dropping £60 on food and booze while there.

Researchers also found young people cite being tired as an excuse for not going out more than fun-loving pensioners.


Ladbrokes surveyed 2000 people and found over a third of boys and girls went out on rubbish nights because of FOMO — and 47 per cent of respondents said seeing pictures of events they couldn’t attend online made them feel even worse.

They found 18-24-year-olds go out an average of 1.8 times a week, spending £6.69 on transport, £10.01 on food, £19.84 on booze and £13.76 on clothes, racking up an impressive bill of £90.54.


A miserable 43 per cent said they felt like their mates have better social lives than them and 34 per cent thought they had more exciting holidays than them.

They also claimed they went to extraordinary lengths to go out as 14 per cent said they didn’t buy dinner and 19 per cent went into their overdraft to pay for a mad one.