If you’re a funny girl then boys won’t fancy you, says the Daily Mail

‘You’ll like her, she’s really funny’

Funny girls should be seen but not heard if they want to attract men, according to dating experts at the Daily Mail. 

Their latest crackpot advice for snaring a boy is to be as witless as possible, because accredited research claims girls who crack jokes are less likely to pull.

Given the choice of a girl who makes him laugh or one who laughs at his joke, a boy will choose the latter, say analysts at intellectual powerhouse Miami Uni.


Researcher Liana Hone quizzed more than 80 men and women about how important they thought it was to have a partner who could make them laugh.

They were also asked how much it mattered to them to have a partner who found them funny.

She found boys want to go out with girls who appreciate their classic humour and girls prefer boys who made them laugh.

Liana, who is completing her PhD, said: “Given that humour requires high-level linguistic capacity, women are thought to use humour production as a sign that a man is a mentally-capable suitor.”

She believes women see the ability to make people laugh as a sign of intelligence – and of the sort of high quality genes that she’d want in her children.