There’s a lecturer at Cambridge called Dr Dre

She’s about to tear shit up

Straight off the killer streets of CPT, there’s a lecturer at Cambridge called Dr Dre. 

Baller Dr Lynnette Dray is a senior research associate at the department of Architecture in one of the most prestigious unis on the planet, where she teaches policy-focussed environmental modelling and mobbing like a motherfucker.

Her academic achievements include a PhD in computational astrophysics and becoming the world’s first billionaire rapper.

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Creeping to the lecture mic like a phantom, she delivers seminars on aviation in a platinum-record selling flow, spat out against a track of the dope beats she is famous for producing.

Her research interests include aircraft fleet analysis, aviation-related studies and bringing you the OGs.


Dr Dre

Dray 1

Dr Dray

Still Dre: Other profs named after Doc

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Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.23.59

Now anyboy who knows Dray knows she’s about fast cars and Alizé, partying all day…