Nobody knows who made this song but it’s incredible

Add it to the post-lash playlist

The mysterious artist known only as egomunk is back, and this latest track might just be one of the biggest songs of 2015.

While pop royalty is busy falling off stage at the BRIT Awards and appearing on Match of the Day 2, egomunk has been working in the shadows on his debut album “Footsteps to Mars” and created something brilliantly unique.

The music video for his latest single, also called “Footsteps to Mars”, has now been released. The video was once again contributed by an egomunk fan, breaking down the barriers between artist and fan.  The track has become the second most-streamed song off the album without an official release. The album itself has now been globally downloaded for free over 170,000 times through the egomunk website.

The brilliant album has 13 tracks each with a unique sound and feel. When listening to this album the lyrics come across as very personal to the mysterious artist, each track is filled with raw emotion in songs that cannot be isolated to one genre. egomunk takes lead vocals whilst other band members – each already a success in their own right – support him musically. The sound has been compared to Coldplay with whispers of Chris Martin behind the man behind it all.

The London Evening Standard and Virgin have recently picked up the album hailing it as ‘the next best thing’

Egomunk has developed a reputation for giving his music away for free and says he believes in “letting the music speak for itself rather than the face behind it”.

We’re excited to hear more from this artist who has used nothing but the music to develop a global fan base over the last year, helped by his “Ego View” competition that asked fans to design music videos for his songs.

To learn more, visit his website.

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