Tinder are charging you to swipe right

They are limiting users to 100 right swipes a day

Lovelorn Tinder users could be forced to pay up to £160 a year to swipe right.

The dating app has introduced a new premium service which limits you to 100 right swipes a day – after which you have to pay or wait 24 hours.

Some users have reported being charged £14.99 a month, although Tinder says it is testing different prices, some as low as £1.49 a month.

The news has prompted fears of a “fittie famine” as good-looking people flee the app in favour of free options.

Tab dating expert Grace Vielma said: “If people are forced to pay or ‘cool off’, there is a real risk that they will take their pent up sexual energy elsewhere.

“Young people have feelings and these need to be expressed naturally, without a cash fee.”

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Earlier this month, the Tinder Plus service was launched to let users undo swipes or change their location in the search for matches.

But the latest move goes further, potentially imposing limits on all users.

Under the new rules, if you don’t choose to pay for the month, you’ll have to wait a day to be able to swipe right again.

The app is charging anywhere between £1.49 and £14.99 a month, according to the Daily Mail.

This means some may pay £17.88 a year, while others could inadvertently fork out £162 more – £179.88 in total.

It is not yet clear how Tinder determines what to charge and whether they will refund the money if you don’t get any likes.


Warwick fresher and Tinder enthusiast Alex May said: “It’s made me more efficient and has stopped me from just swiping right to everyone when I’m drunk in the hope that I’ll get a self esteem boosting match,

“I still wouldn’t pay for it, firstly because it annoys me that they’ve tried to do it, and secondly it feels like desperation.”

Rosette Pambakian, Vice President of Communications and Branding at Tinder, said: “We are testing Tinder Plus in select markets at various price points before rolling it out globally’

“The UK is one of our test markets, so a certain portion of the population was given access to Tinder Plus at varying price points.”

It has not been clarified whether a user will receive a refund if they ultimately paid over the odds for the final price of the service.