My house parties are so good the Daily Mail complains about them

Aren’t yours


Next time you grumble when meddling neighbours complain about the noise from your house party, spare a thought for Lady Violet Manners. 

The party-loving daughter of seasoned caner Duke of Rutland has been reprimanded by her busybody neighbours, whose letters of complaint were published in the Daily Mail.

The “rumbustious lifestyle” of 21-year-old Violet Manners and her sisters Alice, 19, and Eliza, 17, has come under fire in the Mail for apparently wild parties at their £2 million townhouse in posh West London.

The long-suffering neighbour’s letter to the Duke is reprinted in the paper and reads: “We have suffered broken nights, unpleasantness and noise sometimes requiring the involvement of the local council and on one occasion, the police.

“I have also written to Violet and on occasions, after the event, we have received an apology. But not always and in any case, the apology has never prevented callous repetition.

“In her note of apology after last week’s party your daughter Eliza said she has ‘little experience of London life’: I was brought up in the country and know that these are not the ways of the country either.”

Violet, who works as a PR for event company British Polo Day, captioned the picture online: “It has to be said I won’t take all the rap for being so unpopular with my neighbours.

“There’s definitely a number of people who have helped along the way.”

In response to a friend commenting about her valiant efforts to upset neighbours, she wrote back: “It wasn’t difficult they complain about EVERYTHING! Haha.”

Daily Mail journalist Sebastian Shakespeare tutted: “Manners by name but, clearly, not by nature.”

Violet, who attended the £28,000 a year Queen Margaret’s School said: “Thank you for contacting me and for your support but I am afraid I have nothing else to say on this topic.”

Imagine your house parties were so wild they were mentioned in the Daily Mail.