How many firsts does your uni dish out?

What if you’re not clever enough for one


How likely are you to get a first?

Expert number crunchers at the Higher Education Statistics Agency have published the full details of which unis get the best grades.

Now we can tell you the percentage of first-class marks awarded in exams: Imperial, Oxford and UCL come top as 30 per cent scoop the best results.

Aberystwyth, Napier and Stirling are circling the drain by comparison as barely seven per cent earn firsts.

How many firsts does your uni dish out

See where your uni stands: we also compiled a ranking of each uni using the methodology of Cambridge Tompkins table.

Data svengali Peter Tompkins awards five points for a first, three points for a 2.1, two points for a 2.2 and one point for a third, and then weights the average.

We’ve done the same: Durham, Oxford and Bath come first above Glasgow, Stirling and Napier.

But you don’t have to be celtic to get shit grades – Cambridge is also one of the stingiest unis when it comes to dishing out good grades.

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