A quarter of all students own their house, says a new study

Can this be true?

A whopping 26 per cent of spoiled brats live in homes at uni they own, according to a new survey.

Business analysts claim over a quarter of all students live in accommodation owned by themselves, family or friends — which sounds unbelievable.

And 280,000 parents polled said they hope to put their children on the property ladder at uni.


Research found two in five anxious parents put their student children on the property ladder so they have a “safe and stable environment” for them to live in.

Experts at Direct Line for Business add one in six parents see buying a house for their molly-coddled children as a way of reducing their cost burden while they’re away from home at uni.

Direct Line boss Jazz Gakhal said: “It’s great to see that parents are seeing opportunities to help their children get a first step on to the property ladder and create additional income through buying a property for their university bound children.

“However the ownership arrangement of the property needs to be made clear from the outset. Parents should remember that if their child is letting out rooms to friends, it is the parent that will become the landlord.

“Parents who believe they may be in this situation should first check with their mortgage provider to see if this is allowed. They should then educate themselves on the regulations and liabilities surrounding student lettings.”