Street prankster Jack Jones is the latest web cretin to copy Dapper Laughs

Haha mate it’s just a joke


Have you seen Jack Jones?

He’s the inheritor of Dapper Laughs’ crown for being an utter scumbag to people in the street, filming infantile pranks on his phone and uploading them onto Facebook.

Jack, who calls himself an Actor/Director, is the adult version of a playground headcase: check out his videos pestering hapless shoppers and commuters.

He would have been the turbo-charged misfit in your school classroom playing with his balls and spitting in your textbook, pressing the pages together with a manic laugh.

Only now he’s 21, hassling pedestrians for a living — and he has a massive following.

Like Dapper Laughs during his Clapham estate agent phase, Jack Jones’s videos are low-rent, mostly targeting waiting passengers in train stations.

And like his moist-making predecessor, even the celebs Jack pesters are C-list. While Dapper had Gary Lineker’s son, Jack Jones has JJ Hamblett from Union J.

Sometimes his pranks end up with him getting hurt, which is one of the few joys of watching his videos.

A highlight is when he gets lamped in the face in Chatham for asking people if they want to see his balls.

The gurning swagger sometimes becomes more sinister. It can’t be real but here Jack approaches a “stranger” in the street for a kiss.

And on a trip to the States when Jack gets into someone’s car, the driver pulls a gun on him in a stunt “gone wrong”.

Watch out though: next time you’re waiting for the bus he’ll probably be there asking you to smell his fingers.

Come on mate, it’s just a joke.