I was bullied at school but now I’m a glowing beauty queen

They used to call me an ugly boffin


A female rugby star who took up the sport after being teased by bullies for being ugly has had the last laugh  after being crowned a beauty queen.

Third year criminologist Amy Brown, 21, endured cruel taunts during her school years because she gained good grades and wore boys’ clothes.

The Gloucester finalist learned to deal with her tormentors by taking up rugby when she was 12 and played at least twice a week for her local club.

Last month her friends suggested she enter a local beauty pageant and now she’s been crowned Miss Forest of Dean.


Smiling Amy will swap her muddy boots for high heels when she competes in the semi-finals of Miss England in June.

She said: “I never expected to come this far. I’ve never been into high heels and dresses.

“For me, it was always rugby and drinking with the lads in the bar afterwards. The closest I ever had to having a picture taken was doing a selfie.”




She added: “I never ever thought of myself as being particularly glam. Before I got into rugby I was bullied at school.

“I wasn’t very popular and worked hard so the bullies called me ‘boffin’ and ‘ugly’. Even in my teens I didn’t wear makeup and played rugby to deal with the name calling.

“It was a way I could get my frustration out but I really enjoy it. I’m in the second row so I’m in the thick of the action.

“I always get stuck in and I’ve got knocked out twice. I haven’t got any cauliflower ears thankfully.”



Amy has beaten thousands of hopefuls to reach the next level of Miss England.

She added: “I never thought I’d make it to the semi-finals of Miss England. It’s been an amazing journey.

“Before the competition I’d never been on a cat walk. The first time I put on high heels I tottered about and almost lost my balance so I’ve had to practice loads.

“It’s a great feeling to get glammed up now, especially when I think back to the abuse I got from the bullies. I do feel like I’ve had the last laugh.”