These three postgrads are among the final 100 candidates who could colonise Mars

In space no-one can hear you scream


An astrophysicist at Birmingham, an astronomer at Durham and a physicist at Oxford have been named on the candidate shortlist to set up the first human colony on Mars. 

Maggie Lieu, 24, Hannah Earnshaw, 23 and Ryan MacDonald, 21 are among the 100 candidates who could be rocketed to Mars as part of an ambitious colonisation project.

They’re hoping to be part of a one-way mission to live and die on the Red Planet.

"Aspiring Martian" and current undergrad Ryan MacDonald

‘Aspiring Martian’ Ryan MacDonald

The postgrads are to spend the next decade training with 100 other space cadets — which will be broadcast on a reality TV show.

Out of the 100 hopefuls on the Mars One project, 40 extraterrestrial colonists will be selected to leave Earth forever.

The first pioneering spaceship will blast off in 2024 carrying two men and two men.

Joining the students are two other Brits: Alison Rigby, a 35-year-old lab technician and Clare Weedon, a 27-year-old Virgin Media systems integration manager.

surface of mars

What the Mars One project could look like

Last year, Ryan MacDonald told us: “I think David Bowie has waited long enough to have his question answered, don’t you?

“Doubtless there will be many things that I would miss (I like being able to breathe air without dying), but I would gladly give up our Earthly comforts for this chance to really make a difference in the eyes of history.

“I didn’t sign up for this mission to die on Mars: I signed up to live on Mars.”