Drunken rape victims are partly to blame, say a third of young people

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One in three 16 to 19-year-olds think rape victims are “at least a little bit responsible” if they have been drinking.

The shocking figures, revealed by the Office of National Statistics, show young people are more likely to blame rape victims for drinking than older generations.

Among people aged over 25, the number blaming victims rose to fewer than one in four.

alison saunders

Alison Saunders recently announced new guidelines for rape prosecutions


The study also revealed 20% of rape victims were unconscious or asleep, while a third were “under the influence of alcohol”.

The news comes at a time when new Crown Prosecution Service guidelines have emphasised the importance of clear consent when a women has been drinking.

And it will come as a huge shock to progressive students, as young people are generally regarded to have more forward-thinking attitudes about sexual violence.

The ONS report was based on the Crime Survey for England and Wales – a questionairre of thousands of people.

A total of 6 per cent of respondents said the victim is “completely/mostly responsible if they are drunk.”

An additional 20 per cent said they were “little bit responsible.” Two-thirds said the victim was not responsible and seven per cent didn’t know.

Sarah Green, from the campaign group End Violence Against Women Coalition told the Daily Mail: “We already know that a significant minority of the population are inclined to blame women for being raped, but what should be a cause of great concern in these figures us that younger people are more likely to blame women and girls for rape.

“Young people today are bombarded with confusing messages about men and women and sexuality – women are constantly portrayed as sex objects and it is implied that it is ‘natural’ for men to pursue women to the point of coercion.”

The overall number of sex offences rose to 64,205 in 2013/14- the highest number since 2002/03.