Girls get better grades at uni than boys

Are you one of them?


Girls get more 2:1s and just as many firsts as boys at uni, data boffins have revealed.

Studious girls are better at learning than boys as they scoop top marks, winning 52 per cent of 2:1s compared to just 47 per cent of boys.

And girls are just as likely to bag a first —  20 per cent of both win the best grades in exams, according to new figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

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The only case where boys come out on top is earning 2:2s (26 per cent) and bagging the third dunce grade (seven per cent).

The chart below shows the full percentage breakdown of grades earned by each sex.

It reflects the current divide of boys and girls at uni which stands at 44 and 56 per cent respectively.

Girls and boys get grades final