Six clubbers collapse from new wave of dodgy pills

They’ve appeared in Newcastle, Manchester and Middlesborough

A fresh batch of super strength ecstasy have landed a group of punters in hospital – just weeks after the Superman pill scare. 

Six revelers were taken ill at Medicine Bar in Middlesborough after they took triple strength MDMA. The drug came as an orange pill with UPS marked on it.

The night, put on by local promoters Riff Raff, featured top house Dj Rui Da Silva.

The extra strength pill is also believed to be in circulation in Manchester and Lancashire. Reports claim it takes longer to come up but has a much stronger effect.

The UPS pills are not thought to be PMA, the highly toxic chemical found in Superman pills which were linked to the deaths of four men in January.


A Newcastle student who has taken the UPS pill in the past said: “I first heard of them when a mate gave a me a free one for my birthday. I took ages to feel anything, then eventually it hit me. It was a strong come up, much stronger than your standard disco biscuit.

“It’s safe to say it put me in the best of moods as I proceeded to have another later that night. Bit silly in hindsight, but a good night all the same.”

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “Taking this type of tablet can prove dangerous and is potentially life-threatening.

“Young people and parents should be aware of the harm these tablets pose.”

Warnings had been issued about the new pill just a day before the incident in Middlesborough.

Drug charity The Loop urged users to take extra caution with UPS pills. A statement said: “Clubbers who came to The Loop’s stall at a Manchester dance event on Friday reported taking pills matching this description that they had bought in Lancashire.

“These regular ecstasy users reported that the pills were much stronger than what they were used to taking, especially in the initial ‘coming up’ period.”