If you want to get a job do a science degree, say top bosses

You do want a job, don’t you?


You should think twice before studying an arts degree, say science company heads.

Tech firm bosses warned uni applicants to stick to science courses — because an arts subject won’t get you a job after you graduate.

They claimed students need to start taking advantage of opportunities in science.


Chief Exec of Siemens UK Jürgen Maier told The Times: “We have just allowed people to study what they want to study, but at the end they wonder what the job opportunities are.

“We need roughly double the number of school leavers going into science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“I’m not somebody who says we shouldn’t have the arts at all; they are part of a creative Britain. But it is a question of priorities. We need a demand-based education system, and there is a shortfall in engineering and science.”

Charlotte Anscombe

Chief Exec of the National Grid Steve Holliday explained to increase the number of engineers in the country, courses should be judged on whether they led to good jobs and not just good grades.

Steve said: “Our education system is also about preparing people for work.

“So we should look at where people are ending up, what jobs they are getting.”

He added: “The big issue is around changing the perception of what engineering is about.

“Every time we do a survey of attitudes about jobs, we get horrifying remarks back from people not realising just how exciting and creative engineering is today. Engineers create the world we live in.

“We need to encourage young people — especially girls — to go into these fantastically well-paid, interesting and exciting careers.”


Nicky Morgan MP

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan also thinks an art degree will hold you back in life.

The MP said in November choosing an arts subject to keep your career choices open “couldn’t be further from the truth”.