Make-up makes you feel better but you’re no more attractive, study shows

Rethink everything

You may think applying make-up will make you look better.

Today, studies have shown that while you might feel better, cosmetics will not necessarily make you look more attractive.

The study found both sexes prefer an au naturale look.

In a recent study, 44 female undergraduates were photographed with and without make-up. These photos were then shown to 62 other undergrads, who saw only the person with or without make-up, not both.


They were then asked to rate these images on a scale from one to seven. One being the most attractive and seven the least.

The results showed a woman’s general attractiveness, features or identity was much more important than make-up.

Robin Kramer, a psychologist at the University of York said: “If you put make-up on an unattractive woman it won’t make her more attractive than a pretty woman without make-up.

“Your natural features and identity determine attractiveness and there is not much you can do about it.”


Dr Alex Jones also agrees: “Our attractiveness is mostly determined by our natural appearance, and wearing make-up will only have a small effect in comparison.”

It seems that splashing the cash out on expensive cosmetics in high street stores will not improve your image, unfortunately.