It’s like you don’t even WANT to work: 15 per cent of grads have snubbed a job offer

All you do is tease tease tease

Fussy grads are turning down job prospects as employers jostle to hire them, according to new stats. 

Almost one in seven rejected offers last year, which left recruiters with the most unfilled positions since 2008.

Vacancies are set to rise by a staggering 12 per cent this year  a 4.5 per cent spike from 2014.


There are still 75 applicants for every grad scheme, which rises to 107 in banking and 146 for top spots at consumer goods companies.

But if you’re taking an IT or engineering degree then your job prospects look even better as the recruitment experts predict a 27 and 19 per cent rise in offers respectively.

Employers claim they had over 1400 empty spaces for grad jobs in 2014 but did not find enough candidates with the right balance of skills.

Association of Graduate Recruiters boss Stephen Isherwood said: “The importance of work experience cannot be stressed to students enough.

“Candidates that understand the world of work, understand their own skills and can translate that into a compelling proposition are much more likely to be successful in the jobs market.”

This comes after we reported the sort of dweebs who do work experience in their summer holidays are far more likely to be hired full time in the future.