UKIP announce free education for Sciences, Maths and Engineering

They’re still going to deport all your foreign mates though

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Pint-swilling chain smoker Nigel Farage has unveiled new plans to scrap tuition fees for science freshers.

UKIP party boss Nigel said if you’re studying science, technology, engineering, maths or medicine then you won’t have to pay for your tuition fees.

This means UK nationals would get a free education while EU freshers would foot our bills, paying the staggering international fees — which start at £12,000 for arts degrees and reach £29,000 for medicine, depending on your uni.

Nigel's promise to students

Nigel’s promise to students

Joe Jenkins, the UKIP candidate standing for Sheffield Hallam says his party shows “dedication to creating opportunities for young people.”

But this promise depends on “academic performance” and your science degree must be “approved’.

Deputy party leader Paul Nuttall said: “Grants would be mean tested where family income exceeds £80,000”.

After receiving your degree, you must be working in the UK for the next five years to pay taxes back to Nigel, otherwise he’ll be sending the boys round to get their money back.