The graduate who stood at Waterloo handing out CVs to commuters has returned to look for employees

Started at the bottom now he’s here

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The enterprising job seeker who applied for more than 300 jobs and bombarded commuters with his CV at Waterloo Station has returned to the same spot to find new employees for his company.

22-year-old Alfred Ajani became an internet sensation last August when a commuter tweeted a picture of him holding a sign reading “Marketing Graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) – Ask for a CV”.

This weekend he returned to the same spot he had stood just five months ago to look for new troops to join the recruitment consultants that hired him, The Astoria Group.

He tweeted a picture of himself holding a sign that said: “Now I’m hiring” with the caption “same spot, different sign” in a bid to attract people to the company and send him their CV.

Alfred Ajani at Waterloo yesterday. Credit: @Fr3dSantana

Alfred Ajani at Waterloo yesterday. Credit: @Fr3dSantana

He told Mail Online: “The company is expanding and we’re looking to take people on to the desk where I’m working so we are now searching for graduates, people in the same position I was last year. We’ve got around 20 vacancies.

“It felt great to be back at the same place looking for people who, like me a few months ago, are looking for a good job.”


Ajani received huge amounts of attention for his sign last August.

He added: “I’ve loved my job since taking it and there hasn’t been one minute where I’ve regretted my decision.

“The latest picture has had a good response and I’ve already been sent some CVs through social media.”

In recognition of the fame he received for the sign, colleagues at the firm wore T-shirts with his picture on them to welcome him on his first day.

He has since been made the subject of a short film by youth channel Million Youth Media.