If your CV says buzzwords like ‘creative’ and ‘passionate’, interviewers will reject you

Be sure to wear a blue shirt with a white collar as well

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You might think parroting off a load of business-sounding buzzwords in a job interview is a good idea but new research claims they can actually be a turn-off to potential employers.

Words like “motivated”, “enthusiastic” and “passionate” topped a recent poll as some of the least liked words among interviewers.

Lead recruiters claim Apprentice-type adjectives are used so much they have lost all meaning.

Now interviewers look for applicants who can describe themselves in more original ways.

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The website’s spokesman Darain Faraz said: “It’s really important that people are authentic on their profiles but you can help yourself – and boost your professional brand – by painting a more colourful picture and steering clear of the most predictable buzzwords.

“With people taking more interest in their careers in January, it’s never been more challenging to stand out from the crowd.

“Show individuality by including charity work and interests.”

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This comes after we revealed bosses only spend nine seconds reading CVs before tossing them aside.

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