Fresh-faced Dundee fourth year running for UKIP against Nick Clegg in Sheffield

He hasn’t told his mum yet


A baby-faced fourth year at Dundee has announced his candidacy in Sheffield Hallam – a seat currently held by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. 

Joe Jenkins, 21, chairman of UKIP Students has thrown his hat into the ring for the General Election in May.

The Master’s student is standing up against a Lib Dem safe seat which has been yellow since 1997.


He has the same haircut as you


Joe, who comes from Oxford said: “I am very excited. I’m terrified at the same time.

“I’ve not told my mum or my dad yet. I’m putting it off because I think my mum’s reaction is going to be ‘i’m proud but what are you doing to do about your degree?'”

He added: “I wanted to stand for Sheffield Hallam to expose the outright betrayal of students by the other political parties and especially Nick Clegg.​

“I was a Lib Dem member but left the party due to the lies and betrayal from MPs like him.

“UKIP is the clear and only choice for students, it is offering real attainable goals for easing students financial burden.”

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