87 per cent of you don’t care at all about the Election

If you do care you’re going to vote Green or Tory

Britain is sleepwalking toward total political tedium as almost 9 in 10 students just don’t care about the General Election.

Nearly 12,000 saw our January election survey but didn’t answer the questions – meaning 87 per cent of our readers can’t even be bothered to say if they will vote.

But of the 2000 who did respond to our highly unscientific survey, a keen 89 per cent said they will head to the polling station on May 7th.

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The Greens are the most popular party, with 31 per cent of the student vote. 30 per cent say they’re going to vote Tory.

Labour voters make up 21 per cent, the Lib Dems seven per cent and UKIP five per cent.

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This comes after Youth Sight research found the Green party is predicted to snap up the student vote in May, racing ahead of the Tories.