Elite Cambridge Pitt Club decide to let in women for ‘trial period’

They’re like Oxford’s Bullingdon, only less classic

The exclusive Pitt Club, Cambridge’s own Bullingdon, has thrown open its doors to womenafter nearly 200 years as an all-male club. 

In an email seen by The Tab, the swanky private members club outlined plans to admit female guests to their daily lunch for a three week trial period.

They will then begin debating if the move will become permanent at their annual general meeting next month.

According to 2013 Club guidelines, “ladies” have only been allowed into the club “after dark except Sunday lunch”.


Two chisel-jawed Committee members confirmed the move to trial women during daylight hours.

They explained it was part of a liberalisation mission by some members to open a discussion about female members after the trial period.

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Ever since it was founded in 1835, the Pitt Club has been a private, boys-only institution where members gather to drink “Pitt Juice”, made with vodka, lemonade and cordial.

Jesus lane

The Club own a building in Cambridge on Jesus Lane but following financial problems in the 1990s they sold a lease to Pizza Express on the ground floor and retreated to a few rooms upstairs.

Famous members include actor Eddie Redmayne, Edward VII and macro-economist John Maynard Keynes.

One former member described the parties as “not to be missed, given that some of most beautiful women imaginable are invited”.