The new windy cold snap could ruin your revision plans

When will it end

Britain is braced for more rubbish weather and it’s set to ruin your planned trip to the library.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for large parts of the country today and there’s going to be snow, thunder and hail.

Prepare to be blown on your way to uni in Scotland and the North where heavy winds are expected to continue through to the middle of the week.

Southerners are not let off easily, with heavy rain causing 15 flood warnings and near apocalyptic reactions from Daily Mail readers.

Temperatures will continue to hurtle towards freezing and widespread snow is forecast, making it even less likely you’ll be productive at any point this week.

Who knows what could happen?

Who knows what could happen?

Winds from America caused mass power strikes across Scotland last weekend and the carnage is set to continue as thousands see their bins knocked over by the ferocious gusts.

Met Office forecaster Calum MacColl told the Daily Mail: “Virtually no part of the country” would be unaffected by the hellish weatherscape.

Keen weather watcher and Nottingham student Ben said: “I’m scared to leave my house, with rain, hail and snow threatening my revision schedule.

“Who knows when it will end?”

The storms are expected to end on Wednesday evening after wreaking havoc with pedestrians up and down the land.

The North can expect frigid conditions with temperatures dipping as low as -2C, whilst the South will be basking in a balmy 13C.