The Greens are more popular than Cameron and are coming for Labour

And you hate the Lib Dems


Everyone suspected it to be true, but a study has finally confirmed it: students love the Green Party. 

A new YouthSight poll of over 1000 undergrads shows that the Greens are now the second choice for students – beating the Tories and lagging just behind Labour.

And the Greens are now threatening the bigger parties with a student-backed “political earthquake”.

Shockingly, the Lib Dems have lost almost all support with just five per cent of the vote, making them the least popular party in England – behind UKIP.

Labour continue to top polls, taking 38 per cent of the student vote. The Greens have 24 per cent, just beating out the Tories’ 21 per cent.

We're all going gaga for Greens

We’re all going gaga for Greens

The Greens pose a significant threat to Labour’s dominance though, as students are quickly deserting the more mainstream party. 28 per cent of Green supporters were previously fans of Labour.

According to the study, “the increasing support for the Greens is part of a wider trend of disenchantment with the current state of politics and politicians, felt particularly strongly among young people.”

Speaking to The Tab, Green Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said: “The Green Party has consistently ensured that the voice of young people and students is represented within the party, ensuring that our policies meet the needs of what is fast becoming a ‘forgotten generation’ by many of the mainstream parties.

“If every single young person registered to vote went to the polling booth on May 7 then they could cause a political earthquake.

“We not only have the policies that are attracting young people, but are fast becoming a strong young movement that is proving that young people can change politics.”

YouthSight quizzed students on why they support the Greens, with 60 per cent responding that they have a “lack of trust in other parties” and are becoming “increasing disillusioned”.

They're not like the others

They’re not like the others

Students we spoke to agree. Abby Meadows, a second year at Liverpool, said: “I will be voting Greens this election because I feel they’re the only party which offer the policies I want. I am completely disillusioned with the other parties.”

On the other end of the spectrum, right wing UKIP are also benefiting from disenfranchised students. They are delighted at their success. Joe Jenkins, Chairman of UKIP Students said: “It’s clear that the UKIP policies of fairness regarding students and education is (sic) getting through. We want to see the return of social mobility and the scrapping of tuition fees for STEM subjects, this is resonating with students.

“The ongoing decline of the Liberal Democrats especially along with Conservative and Labour is inevitable, given their unfulfilled promises and failure to deliver for young people. We are sure to see an increase in UKIP’s popularity among students in 2015.”

So enticing

So enticing

The Conservative Party declined to comment on their decreasing popularity. A spokesperson said: “The only poll that matters is that of all the British people on the 7th of May.”

The opinion poll will likely serve as a wake up call for the unpopular Lib Dems, who are only just beating out the SNP.

Leader Nick Clegg is now trying to win students back.

A spokesperson said: “The Liberal Democrats are the party of opportunity for young people.

“At a time when the politics of division and blame are on the rise, only the Liberal Democrats can be counted on to defend the values of British liberalism – compassion, fairness and tolerance.”

It was unclear which of those values a tuition fee increase promoted.