Uni fatcats make extra £1300 from your tuition fees

Are you gonna give me money


Your uni is profiting off you – and they’re hiding how they spend your money. 

The average undergrad degree costs £7694 a year, says a new study: far less than the £9000 students are annually charged.

When the Higher Education Policy Institute asked uni bosses to reveal how they spend the missing money, almost all of them refused.

Sheffield say they spend the money on student support and careers advice but didn’t say how much all of this costed.

And while Leicester broke down how they spend their annual £274 million budget, they couldn’t explain what the £9000 is being spent on.

Uni chiefs are trying to get the government to lift the fee cap after the next election but according to HEPI head Nick Hillman, they’re going to struggle if they can’t show how they spend their money.

He said: “If they are to be given permission to raise their fees, they are going to have to persuade at least half the MPs in the new Parliament of their case.”


Oxbridge vice-chancellors add the cost of a degree at both prestigious unis is at least £16,000 every year – but both declined to provide numbers showing what these costs are.

One question is now obvious: where’s the extra cash gone?