‘Vile’ Lib Dem councillor resigns after telling Fashion second year she was too ugly to be raped

‘Not sure anyone would even want to think about it looking about her lol’


A Liberal Democrat councillor has quit after he suggested a Newcastle College second year was too ugly to be raped. 

Clueless Philip Drury, who led the Lib Dem group on East Hampshire Council, posted on Facebook about Serena Bowes, the 21-year-old Fashion student who says she was raped on a uni trip to Italy.

He said: “Not sure anyone would even want to think about it looking about her lol.”

Serena Bowes 1

Serena Bowes, right

Philip claimed he posted his comment, which was blasted as “awful” and “vile”, while he was tired after a business trip to China.

He told Solent News Agency: “I was excessively tired and was working nights.

“I had just come back from an excessive Chinese business trip  I was tired. I will remain on the council.”

Councillor Ferris Cowper, Tory leader of East Hampshire District Council said Philip’s comment was “offensive” and the council’s decision to let him stay was “deeply disappointing”.

Serena Bowes 2

An East Hampshire spokesperson added: “The council was appalled by the comments made by Cllr Drury and launched an independent disciplinary investigation.”

Serena, 21, says she was sexually assaulted in Florence on a course trip but Italian police dispute her claims.

She waived her right to anonymity in the case and now faces extradition over the allegations.

Last year, she said: “I will never go back to Florence because of what happened, never mind going to prison there.

“If I receive a prison sentence, my life will be over.”