Stinky toff: Oxbridge top the dirty laundry league and more women sniff their pants

You mucky little pup

Girls are more likely than boys to dig into their dirty washing and reuse clothes. 

And Oxbridge students are the worst for using the sniff test to see if they can wear clothes they’ve already discarded.

In the latest confirmation for your mums moaning, research found almost two thirds of women said they had turned their underwear inside out to carry on wearing them, compared to 45 per cent of men.

More than half of men said they were more likely to dig clothes out of the washing basket, as opposed to three quarters of women.


Over 60 per cent of men and women admitted buying new clothes instead of doing  the laundry. But more women used the sniff test than men at 82 per cent.

Shockingly, four out of five students still take their clothes home to be washed.

The research, carried out by Muvo, found Sheffield to be the cleanest university, where only two in five have used the sniff test.

The vast majority of Cantabs rub their noses in their scummy underwear, followed closely by 69 per cent of people at Oxford.


Simon Gunter, Managing Director of Muvo, said: “Each year thousands of parents worry if they have taught their children enough to survive as they move out of the family home and start university.”

Jack Downing, 28, couldn’t defend his beloved Cambridge.

He said: “I spent so much time being classic in the library I didn’t have time to keep things clean. Which was a shame because my sheets were dark blue.”

Edie Hancock, who spent three years in Sheffield, said: “Well the clubs are so filthy there, we have to shower a lot. It gets a bit grim.”