Boris Johnson could owe Oxford Uni £2,000 for a library book

He’s had it for nearly 30 years

Bumbling BoJo still has an unreturned library book from 30 years ago.

He said yesterday: “I’ve just been walking around the quad of Trinity College and I had the horrible realisation that I still have a book from their library that I haven’t returned.”

Oxford’s libraries charge 20p per day for a late return, meaning he owes £73 for every year he has kept the book – roughly £2,000.

He admitted to the blunder while visiting Oxford to cynically promote his new book.

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The mop-haired mayor told fans who queued to see him at Blackwells bookshop in Oxford: “It’s lovely to be back.

“I’ll need to dig that out and give it back next time I come to Oxford.”

Boris attended Oxford from 1983-87, studying Classics for four years.

The former Balliol College student was signing copies of The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History.

Just two weeks ago barmy Boris rapped the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls for having “the pop-eyed air of a man who looks like he’s undergoing an unexpected rectal examination”.