Stop shaming me for wearing heels on a night out

Womankind is at stake because of your ‘edgy’ trainers

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It’s the ultimate girl divide: do you wear trainers or heels on a night out?

As an avid heel wearer, I was mortified when I went to Exeter for a night out and was shamed for donning my favourite six inch chunky orange platforms.

“Everyone laughs at the girls who wear heels,” they said to me.

Embarrassed, I swapped my go-to heels for my sandals – it was a bitter exchange. My bum didn’t get its lift, my skirt didn’t look right and I hated not being able to strut around like Beyoncé.

What are you doing and why are you doing it?

What are you doing and why are you doing it?

That's more like it

That’s more like it

I was completely shamed out of wearing my heels when it’s what I’ve always done. When did this war begin? I wasn’t making them feel shit because they thought pumps made them look good.

Every city has its share of edgy wannabes who think their dutty Converse complete their too cool for campus look. But at least in cities like Liverpool or Cardiff you’d never, ever, be shamed for sticking on your stilettos.

Since when did the Nike clan get too big for their Air Max anyway? Did no one ever tell them the only place for trainers is in the gym? They clearly didn’t get the memo.

Clubs and bars are places you’re supposed to dress up for, stick your glad rags on and have a good dance with your gals or neck some poor bugger in the corner: not somewhere to ruin a good dress with some flats that make your legs look stumpy.


So don’t sneer at me from your corner in Oceana because I’m loving life trying (and failing) to slut drop in my peep toes.

You think you’re so smug because you can run for a cab quicker but those sports shoes of yours aren’t going to give you legs like Naomi Campbell and turn you into a straight up 10 as soon as you put them on.

Fair enough a good wedge might not be the most suitable shoe for a night at Propaganda, but so what if I want to wear them?

You and your trainers are only lowering the tone and making everyone else look over dressed when in actual fact, you’re the lazy bugger who couldn’t be bothered to make a bit of effort for once.

You’re not better than me because you think you’ve mastered the “I’ve hardly tried look how cool I am” vibe. If you’re not careful I might come over and stamp on your foot with my stiletto. That shit is painful.

Doing it right

Doing it right

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There isn’t even an excuse not to wear heels these days.

“Heels hurt too much”, you say. “I can’t walk in them,” you cry.

Bullshit. Get a few bevs down you and no one will be able to tell you can’t walk.

And have you not heard of shoe boots? They were made specifically to put this “edgy” nonsense to bed. If you haven’t tried them, do. They’re a genuine life changer.



So get your act together and start being a real woman, you’re letting the rest of us down.