Furry tail of New York: The best of festive pet fashion

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It’s Christmas. The best time of year, some might say. But it’s a stressful time of year, especially when you’re stressing about what to wear.

Luckily we’re here to help your furry pals navigate the difficult Christmas wardrobe decisions.

Algernon Hector Lewis, 1, North Wales

Algy rocks the knitted antler

Algy rocks the knitted antler

Algy is a yellow Jack Russell, with a penchant for eating knickers and drinking tea. As the only terrier in his puppy training class, Algy has to maintain his dignity, and the respect of his larger peers.

In order to do this with his look, Algernon has opted for a classy Fair Isle knit, so as not to expose himself to ridicule. To keep the look fun, Algernon has accessorised with some bright antlers, furthering the festive vibe, and showing that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

What Algy’s outfit says about him: I’m rough and tough and really buff and I know that I can get away with wearing some silly antlers because my exceptional bone structure keeps my look credible.

Ash Betz, 2, Cambridge

Ash works the wintry knit

Ash works the wintry knit

Short-haired Border Collie, Ash, shows how the Christmas knit can work on a larger frame.

His choice of a subtle burgundy, works well with his collar, and highlights the copper tones in his big, bold eyes. Ash’s baggy sleeved jumper gives his outfit a casual edge, making it the perfect choice for a romantic festive occasions, such as curling up in from of a blazing fire (Ash was born on Valentine’s Day, dontcha know)

What Ash’s outfit says about him: I’m a sophisticated member of society and I celebrate Christmas without compromising my canine integrity. Also I’m sorry I ate two pairs of glasses and a watch this year.

Jack Bernard, 14, Oxford

Jack as Santa Paws

Jack as Santa Paws

All eyes are on Jack in his Santa Paws suit, which is great because he just loves attention. This noisy little man looks cracking, with the fur trimmed cuffs and collar lending a luxe feel to this self-aware festive fancy dress.

Young at heart Jack knows what he wants out of life- he loves tennis balls and illustrates his displeasure if they’re hidden from him by barking authoritatively.

This commanding attitude makes Jack’s choice of Christmas wear all the more fitting- dressing up as the boss of Christmas suits him down to the ground. To take this outfit from day to night, Jack adds the traditional fur trimmed red hat, just making the look a tad more dressy, and gives him an air of mystery.

What Jack’s outfit says about him: Hood up or hood down, I’m a man about town. I can pull off a full fancy dress number without compromising style. I’m old enough, and comfortable enough in my own fur that I look noble, rather than boring old cute, in my quality Christmas clothing.

Tyler Jenkin, 6, Epping

Tyler sporting sporty antlers

Tyler sporting sporty antlers

Tyler’s first five Christmases weren’t the happiest. Now, much more cheerful and better fed, he spends his days happily chewing doors and doing laps of the garden with searing pace.

Tyler can only manage a set of festive head wings that fit tightly on his head. They stay on when he runs and anything else would slow him down.

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They’re also the only accessory he could wear while chasing his tail. It’s defiant, it’s bold, it’s brilliant.

What Tyler’s outfit says about him: My look is plain, simple and effective. I know myself and I know what I’m comfortable in and no one can stop me.

Foage Reeve, Redruth

Foage models more elaborate antlers

Foage models more elaborate antlers

Foage is the kind of cat who was born to be worshipped. He knows his place (he likes to sleep on his owner’s head) and he flaunts his power in a festive manner with these regal looking antlers.

Cross-dressing Foage knows a thing or two about creating a look, and here gives us another example of how one can dress up winter knitwear with Christmas accessories, to give a nod to festive trend, without going overboard.

What Foage’s outfit says about him: I am king. Scratch my belly please.

Rosie Reeve, Redruth

Rosie's hat lets her pretty pout do the talking

Rosie’s hat lets her pretty pout do the talking

Rosie, a close friend of Foage (above), shows us a more subtle way to wear the festive trends. Rosie is incredibly sociable and enjoys leaping into the arms of her admirers.

Rosie has been teased about borrowing Foage’s antlers to dress up in the past, so this year she strikes a moody pose while wearing her under-sized Santa hat, giving us a more ironic Christmas look.

What Rosie’s outfit says about her: I’m only attending Christmas for the food- when you’re this beautiful you’re above all that.

Lulu Kaplan, 3, Nottingham

Lulu shows how up-cycling can look gorgeous

Lulu shows how up-cycling can look gorgeous

Lulu’s clever up-cycling of normal domestic items gives her a stunning shepherd costume.

The pale peach hue of her headwear complements the honey tones in her coat, meaning that the look is both flattering and in keeping with the festive spirit. Her decision to use a towel may also be an acknowledgement of her hobby – Lulu is a keen swimmer and used to take hydrotherapy sessions in a heated pool.

Lulu wears this fancy-dress look with quiet dignity, giving it an air of sophistication that other dogs may not achieve.

What Lulu’s outfit says about her: I am a real individual, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. My quirky look works because I have the poise and elegance to pull it off.

Patch Hammersley, 2, Cheshire

Patch flaunts his high elf-esteem

Patch flaunts his high elf-esteem

Patch wears this bold elf look with charm and confidence.  The basic green suit looks great with his coat, but the way patch has accessorised with the thick black waist belt, bell tipped collar and striped trousers really give this outfit an added “wow-factor”.

As well as looking great, Patch’s style is practical, as for outdoor adventures (only those which don’t involve hosepipes- his arch nemesis), he can wear the red hood up, to keep his little ears warm, while still looking festive and fashionable- after all, no one wants to ruin their look with a coat.

What Patch’s outfit says about him: I understand that I’m wildly cute, and I play to this strength with my clothes. However, I’m not all style and no substance- I do not compromise versatility for a trendy look.

Tia McDonald, 1, Islington

Tia strikes a pose in tinsel

Tia strikes a pose in tinsel

Tia rocks the tinsel trend. She’s opted for a warm gold to look good alongside both the snowy white and fiery terracotta hues in her coat.

The girly tinsel has the potential to look tacky, but Tia toughens it up, wearing with asymmetric ear position to give her a look that is relaxed and yet fabulous.

What Tia’s outfit says about her: I just threw this on, and yet I look naturally stunning. I’m a busy girl so I don’t have time for intricate costume and gimmicks. However, I keep my look on trend by selecting one key item and wearing it exceptionally well.

Hogan Lanigan, 2, Belfast

Hogan shows off his varied wardrobe

Hogan shows off his varied wardrobe

Yoghurt loving Hogan is the king of the ironic Christmas look. This feisty pug knows that he, as a breed, is bang on trend, and that to make any serious attempt to follow other fashions would be real overkill.

These three featured looks all are all worn with dignity and a cheeky little glint in Hogan’s eye. His look is a sort of suspended reality- none of these outfits are made for normal daily wear- they are fashion statements by a fashion statement, and gloriously meta.

What Hogan’s outfit says about him: I’m made for the catwalk and catalogues, not for the day to day hassles of life. I didn’t choose the pug-life, the pug-life chose me.