Tory students have the best haircuts

This is important

If I could be any student politician, I’d be a Conservative. 

There, I said it. Cuff me.

Most party societies are known for being tedious and wearing anoraks – and the Conservatives are probably the least unbearable of them all.

They love the tag of “the ones you could have a pint with down the pub” and would drone on about organic food and Trotsky far less than their humourless peers in the Union.

The cast-iron rod of student political arrogance is less firmly jammed up their arses than the Labour club or the socialists. Despite the suits and signet rings, they’re probably more approachable.

And with these respectable character traits come fantastic haircuts.

Since their glorious Chancellor George Osborne got a sharp new barnet, top Tory liddery has trickled down onto the heads of future Tory leaders.

So start wearing more ties, polish your shoes and aspire to a job in the city before running for a safe country seat.

Here are the top Conservative student haircuts from campuses around the country.

Learn from these young guns and fix up your views on immigration and responsible austerity measures.

Start embracing cuts: not just on the NHS but on your hair. Join your local Tory society.


Have you seen a better student politician hair-do? Send your shlids to [email protected]

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