Hunk Tommy Robinson asked me out on a date during Question Time

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Love was in the air on Twitter last night as an ordinary spat turned romantic for a third-year Cambridge philosopher.

Will Heilpern, 22, was swept off his feet when ex-EDL boss Tommy Robinson asked him out on a date.

It all started when the Cambridge finalist tweeted the fascist to call him a “parody bigot” and Tommy hit back with a picture of a silver spoon.

Trobinson 5

In a tweet now deleted, Tommy asked Will: “What school did you go to?”

Will responded: “If you want to get to know me ask me on a date”.

And with hearts in his eyes, Tommy said: “fancy a date rich kid” and their romance had blossomed.


But since last night, lovelorn Will has yet to hear back.

He said: “I hope Tommy comes through on his offer of a date.

“I’m looking forward to a romantic, candle-lit dinner of egg whites and white pudding washed down with English white wine.

“I know this great halal place, but it’s probably not his thing?”

“Tommy, if you’re reading this, call me.”

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