We tried American hangover cure pills and they will change your life

Who’s for a pint

How much of your life is ruined by hangovers?

How many groggy Saturdays have you spent moping in your pants after a night on the sauce?

And how many weekday mornings have you come in sweating lager and burping Jäger, knowing the only respite is a stolen five minutes sat on the toilet, cradling your shattered head?

A pioneering American student called Brooks Powell knows that pain – he spent too many days bitterly regretting his nights out pounding beers in red cups and smashing shot after shot of revolting sour mash whisky.

So like the start of every good success story, the Princeton junior decided to do something about it he invented Thrive+, a hangover pill that will change the way you think about pints.


Does it work? Absolutely. Take three with your last drink and wake up smiling.

To test the pills, we went to drink some beers (cuff me) in a soulless pub on a weeknight on an empty stomach.

Being both scientific and classic, we counted each drink.

Drink 1



Brooks, 21, explained he came up with the idea for his miracle pill in a neuroscience class.

“We were studying about a drug to aid alcoholics with their withdrawal, and in this article there was one tiny line about a side effect of hangovers disappearing.

“Essentially it’s a chemical called DHM that counteracts the effect of alcohol. Imagine that the effects of booze in your system has one set of tunnels to go through. This chemical blocks the path of alcohol through your brain.”

Drink 2



Brooks adds: “With the help of my professors, I was able to develop a pill that has DHM in it as well as Vitamins B, C and electrolytes, which you piss out really fast when you drink.

“The pill also gives you more of what your liver needs to break down alcohol. You liver uses Glutathione to deal with the booze, but it only stores about four drinks’ worth, and then can deal with a drink every hour past that.

“If you give your liver Thrive, then it can process everything.”

Drink 3 and 4



Texan Brooks, who majors in Religion as well as Entrepreneurship, warns the pill won’t help if you go on a mad bender.

“If you’re getting really smashed and take Thrive, you’ll still feel rough. The pill doesn’t replace a good night’s sleep. But it does get rid of a lot of negative alcohol effects.

“Essentially it increases your hangover threshold so you can have more drinks without getting a hangover.

Drink 5 and 6


The Princeton third year imagines a future where Thrive is sold with booze.

“My goal is that wherever alcohol is served, Thrive will be sold next to it. I don’t want to compete with alcohol, I want everyone to have a good time. This can complement your drinks.

“I want you to be able to walk into a liquor store or a bar, and walk out with some Thrive as well.”

Drink 7 and 8



The next day, we woke up feeling slapped on the head instead of clubbed in the face.

Get some for yourself here, it’s going to change the night life game forever.