We went for a quiet one down the pub and woke up in Amsterdam

Their mums aren’t angry, just disappointed

It was supposed to be a casual Saturday night down the local pub in Newcastle. 

So imagine the surprise of two classic second years when they woke up in Amsterdam after playing a drinking game.

Boozed students Nick and Ed came back from their night out to pack their bags, book their flights and board a plane to the historic Dutch capital.


Nick explained how he started off in the pub with his mate and ended up in the ‘Dam.

He said: “I was all for staying in on Saturday night. But my housemate Ed persuaded me to go down to the pub.

“Then we had a few drinks in the pub and were walking around town playing the Odds game together.

“As a joke we said ‘Odds on Amsterdam, one in three, and we both said three at the same time.

“So we had to do it. We went straight back home and packed our bags.”

The boys put on jackets and ties for their trip as they tried to hold their nerves.

Amsterdam 3

Nick said: “We were saying to each other, ‘don’t think about it, don’t think about it, just do it’.

“We didn’t go to sleep or anything, we bought tickets at the airport for the 5:55am flight from Newcastle and landed on Sunday morning in Amsterdam.

“We never thought we’d actually do it.”


Now both of them have been in the city for 24 hours, the reality has started to sink in.

Nick said: “It’s great that we’re here but the problem is I’ve only got 20 quid and I’ve had to go into my overdraft.

“We’re just walking around and can’t pay for anything, at least we’ve paid for accommodation so we’ve got that sorted.

“I’m looking for a cash converter or a pawn shop so I can sell my iPod for some money.”

Amsterdam 2

He added: “I’d really like to buy a jacket because it’s really cold here. I’m wearing two jumpers and two t-shirts.

“I’m going on a Tinder date tonight and hopefully I won’t have to pay for any drinks or dinner.

Amsterdam facebook

Asked what their mums thought, Nick added: “My mum wasn’t terribly impressed. She said I was an idiot.”

The pair hope to visit the Anne Frank museum before their return flight on Wednesday.