Look at these animals shopping on Black Friday

I’d do anything to get one of those bloody big tellies

Incensed Black Friday customers around the country were captured on video going ballistic over discount TVs — with some shoppers walking off with one under each arm. 

The American craze for doing whatever it takes to get cut price electrical goods on the Friday after Thanksgiving crossed the Atlantic to arrive at supermarkets in Glasgow, Bristol and Coventry.

Hapless shoppers waited from as early as midnight last night until opening time on Friday morning to barge in front of rival customers for bargains.


Bristol was the scene of a brutal consumerist nightmare as bargain hunters swamed around a newly-delivered pallet of televisions.

Nervous impatience descended into an ugly melee as the crowd surged forward, sprawling people on the floor as they grabbed at the sets.


Police were called in at a supermarket in Bristol to calm down enraged customers.

No arrests were made.

Meanwhile, Coventry was home to a vision of horror as shoppers desperately fought over TVs.

This is the moment a woman is dragged away clutching a telly as a man grabs it for himself.

And here grasping customers rush towards German-made sets, trying to wrestle them out of each other’s hands.

Cops were also called at a Tesco Extra in Pollock, Scotland after staff raised safety concerns.

A police spokesperson said: “Due to the size of the crowd and general low-level disorder, including a bin on fire outside the shop, a decision was taken by the security manager to close the store to ensure safety.

“The premises were emptied by store security staff. The shop re-opened a short time later with no further disruption and there have been no arrests in relation to the incident.”


Shopper Gillian Brown, 31, from Glasgow said: “I brought my friend along so that we could get a couple of TVs because it was just one per customer.

“I feared the worst. I had heard some awful things about Black Friday in the build up to it but this has been a lot more of an organised chaos.”


Warehouse worker David Drummond, 34, from Bishopbriggs, said he was out to buy presents for his ten-year-old daughter and his eight-year-old son.

He said: “I’ve been doing a double Black Friday because I was at Tesco at 4am to pick up a cheap TV and a printer. I’ve heard people were at each other’s throats so they’ve had to close.

“I’ve had about four hours sleep but I’m away off into town to do a couple more Black Fridays. I’m ready to do it all again in the Boxing Day sales.

“I’ve been shopping for my two kids. I’ve got them a One Direction hairdryer and a copy of Call of Duty.”


William Stewart, 26, an advertising printer from Bishopbriggs was lucky enough to score a discount Xbox before he went to work.

He said: “I was prepared to rugby tackle folk if I couldn’t get an Xbox today. I’ve not slept and I’m away to do a full day’s work then play my Xbox all night.”

“I can’t even remember how long I’ve waited — it’s been so long. I got my hands on an Xbox before I have to go to work at half eight.”