Has this PR firm figured you out perfectly with a genius survey?

Nah it’s rubbish and so are they

Artless PR gurus have profiled your housemates as part of a publicity stunt and found five kinds of people: the Geek, the Rah, the Hipster, the Party Animal and the Lad.

A grey team of suits at Uniplaces put a survey to students asking what common stereotype best described them.

And almost a third said “Geek” best described them, adding they aspired to be studious instead of partying or trying to be the “Hipster” type.

Geek 1

The survey, which sounds like a Tab article from last year, found 21 per cent of students describing themselves as “Hipster”, 17 per cent as “Rah”, 16 per cent as “Party Animal” and 14 per cent as “Lad”.

Each kind of personality is helpfully represented by a hapless model — whose eyes are a window to pure despair.

geek 6

Can you guess which is which?

Geek 13

Geek 7

There is a difference between “the Party Animal” and “the Lad”

Geek 10

But which personality suits you best?

Find out which with the Uniplaces survey below.


Geek 9