Live rent-free on RefME
(the world’s best referencing tool)

Enter now to win getting your rent paid for you for six months

RefME, the referencing website and app taking campuses by storm, is offering every student the chance to live rent-free until summer.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Simply share a link to on Facebook or Twitter and be in it to win it. (Any friends still referencing the hard way will thank you later, trust us!).


The average student spends £2,417 on rent every six months… wouldn’t it be nice to put that towards something else, rather than handing it into your landlord’s greedy paws?

One lucky student will win having their rent paid in full from 1st January 2015, to the first day of July.

All you have to do is share or tweet a link to on your personal Facebook or Twitter page.

Ten runners-up will also win either a £50 ASOS voucher or £50 Amazon voucher – whichever you want is up to you.

Enter now for the chance to get your rent paid  for you (it takes less than 10 seconds)

You’ll be prompted to sign in / sign up to RefME (if on a computer) or download / open their free app (if on mobile) before you can enter the competition.

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Get up to nine extra entries by inviting friends to RefME

After you’ve shared or tweeted, you can invite friends to try RefME via text message or email and gain up to 9 extra entries – this will massively increase your chances of winning while saving more friends from essay hell!


What could you spend the extra money on?

One round-the-world plane ticket


Six iPad Air 2s


33-and-a-half years of Netflix subscription


80-and-a-half litres of Jagermeister


12,085 Freddos


Click here to enter now

The winner and ten runners-up will be chosen at random on December 17th.

Winners will be notified by email and may be required to validate themselves as current students and prove they have shared/tweeted the RefMe link and not deleted it.

Click here for full terms and conditions.