Unis will be forced to ban dangerous hate preachers

Weirdo clerics reduced to the level of Robin Thicke

Hateful preachers will be banned from speaking on campuses as part of a government crackdown.

Home Secretary Theresa May yesterday unveiled plans to force Universities to stop controversial speakers from appearing and influencing young minds.

Mrs May said the threat posed by fanatics was “greater than it had ever been”.


Theresa May is set to ban radical clerics from speaking on campuses

The announcement comes as Imran Ibn Mansur, 24, was blocked from speaking at the University of East London.

He said being gay was a “disease”. There had been concerns male and female students would be segregated.#


Imran Ibn Mansur was banned from bringing the noise at University of East London yesterday

Ministers will be able to force universities under a court order is they refused to follow suit.

Schools, colleges, prisons and local councils will also be required to have anti-radicalisation policies in place.