How much does your uni ruin Mother Nature?

Global warming isn’t very uni

Climate change is happening and the polar ice caps are melting —  and your uni is only making it worse. 

We ranked each uni by the kilotonnes of Carbon Dioxide or equivalent they pump out into the atmosphere.

Today’s stats, compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, measure carbon emissions by Scope 1 (emissions from sources owned by the uni, like boilers and cars) and Scope 2 (emissions from electricity the uni uses).

Edinburgh, Manchester and Cambridge are at the top belching out over 76 kilotonnes of Carbon Dioxide and equivalent per year — or 76 million metric tonnes.

Napier, Bournemouth and Goldsmiths are the cleanest unis, emitting just over six kilotonnes each year.

See where your uni stands in our chart and infographic below.