Don’t panic: You’re going to move in with your boy/girlfriend by 25 and be married by 28

Really no need to panic

A load of suits at an insurance company have predicted our future – most of us will be married with kids and settled into a career just a few years after leaving uni.

A new study by corporate headaches at Endsleigh found half of men and two-thirds of women think it’s important to get married. Get out while you can.

They have your life mapped out: shortly after graduating, you’ll be moved in with your long term boy or girlfriend by 25.


You leave your miserable flat to establish your career by 27 — promotions and raises prolong your break-up until a proposal and marriage by 28.

Divorce towers on the horizon but the arrival of your first child by the age of 30 ensures you stay together. And that’s it for you.


The student dream to get married comes just after the Marriage Foundation, an anti-divorce think tank, said around half of all 20-year-olds expect never get married at all.

Overall, 16 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women already have plans for getting married.