Do you want to watch a man climbing a 12-storey halls of residence?

Try not to vom

Some absolute headcase free-climbed up a Southampton Uni halls of residence – and he filmed it.

James Kingston strapped a GoPro to his forehead and scaled Mayflower Halls.

The 24-year-old uses scaffolding and construction equipment to ascend the 12 floors, creating a vertigo-inducing video.

A Southampton local, James describes himself as unable to “attain his creative potential” through the British educational system.

He decided that climbing massive structures and dangling hundreds of feet above cities would fulfill his creative cravings.

The budding daredevil was recently arrested in Dubai for attempting to climb the city’s second tallest tower, a feat which has helped him gain an incredible online following.

James always films his climbs and is partial to the odd selfie on top of a crane.

James Kingston 2

Wouldn’t you?

When we asked him back in 2013 what goes through his mind while climbing, James said: “Not much really.

“I get a huge sense of freedom, it’s super peaceful as I do most stuff at around 5am and I just have this massive appreciation for life.

“People assume I run off adrenaline and get some kind of ‘rush’ from it but it’s not like that at all.”

James Kingston 1

From jumping roofs in Southampton to climbing half-finished buildings in India, we can expect to see a lot more death defying stunts from James.

Freshers – don’t get any bright ideas.

To follow more of the Southampton daredevil’s adventures, visit his website or like his Facebook page.

This article was originally published on The Soton Tab.