I got naked for David Guetta and now he won’t speak to me

A Guetta doesn’t always pay his debts

The brave holiday rep who went nude at a David Guetta gig this summer has been left devastated after the French DJ failed to deliver on his promise of free tickets. 

Some loyal readers may remember Liam Fraser, the overconfident holiday rep who got naked at a David Guetta gig a few months ago.

Now he has shared his harrowing story – not only were his privates exposed to the world, but he hasn’t even been given the free tickets he was promised.Liam's act of bravery

The 18-year-old, who was working in Magaluf for the summer, was spotted by the French DJ when he was hoisted naked on his friends’ shoulders during a concert.

Guetta posted  a photo on his Facebook and Instagram, calling Liam “the craziest party guy ever” and offering him free tickets to any of his shows – anywhere in the world.

When we spoke to Liam at the time, he was ecstatic – telling us that he stripped off again “just to celebrate.”

Guetta's original post

But since making the promise, Guetta has shunned Liam in spectacular fashion.

Devastated Liam told us: “I’ve tweeted him several times but he won’t respond.

“It’s disappointing, obviously. I was really looking forward to it.

“Please try and get in contact with David for me. Tell him he’s let me down.”

As of yet, the DJ has not responded to The Tab’s enquiries.


If you want to show your solidarity, tweet @davidguetta with the hashtag ‘#Justice4Liam’ and ask him where Liam’s tickets are.