Doing an arts degree will wreck your job prospects

Who is Nicky Morgan, I’ve never heard of her. She doesn’t exist.

• Education secretary says an arts degree holds you back in life
• Nicky Morgan MP says students should be doing science and Maths

Abandon your pointless degree in English and switch to Engineering – Education secretary Nicky Morgan says an arts degree could “hold you back for the rest of your lives”.

The MP responsible for safeguarding children’s education said the idea that choosing arts subjects keeps your career choices open “couldn’t be further from the truth”.

Nicky Morgan

In a speech to launch a campaign to promote science subjects, she said: “If you didn’t know what you wanted to do…then the arts and the humanities were what you chose because they were useful, we were told, for all kinds of jobs.

“We now know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. That the subjects to keep young people’s options open are STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

“Because the skills gained from studying these subjects will come in useful in almost any job you care to mention; from the creative and beauty industries to architecture.”

Nicky Morgan 2

Nicky, 42, was speaking at a campaign – backed by Shell, BAE Systems and Ford – to get more students into science.

She said: “Maths is the subject that employers value most.”

The cabinet minister also claimed doing it at A-Level will earn you 10% more over your lifetime.

The MP added: “These figures show us that too many young people are making choices aged 15 which will hold them back for the rest of their lives.”