‘I am exceptional’ – Jade is a pornstar and a student in Manchester

A standard shoot takes two hours

Jade dreams of a career in fashion. By trade, she is a “deepthroat specialist”.

“My favourite is the technical side, from doing the drawings through to the pattern drafting and then actually making the clothes.”

The final year Manchester Metropolitan student started as an escort but quickly realised she could sell her own pictures and videos to make money.

Carly Rae Summers – as she is known in the adult industry – went professional in January 2013 during her second year after someone approached her off the back of her amateur work.

“It was just a standard strip tease and a basic boy girl scene. It took two hours.

“I absolutely loved it. I do it because it’s a fetish for me. I love the concept of getting filmed and other people watching me.

“It really gets me off. I do it because it’s what I want to do rather than for the money.”

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Filming porn two or three times a month will earn Jade over £1,000. The benefits are obvious.

“One week I worked every day, going from London to Birmingham to Yorkshire. I did five shoots in nine days, but that paid for the deposit on my flat.

“I’ve been able to get my boobs done as well which has also helped me get more work.”

Even with the incentive of money, the 21-year-old has her boundaries – and her preferences.

“I won’t do watersports or baby fetishes. I’ve been asked before to wear nappies or a nurse’s outfit while looking after a middle aged man in nappies.

“Once I was offered £750 to go to the toilet, shit on camera, and then, no wiping no nothing, bend over and let the boy lick my arse straight away.

“I thought I can’t do that, I’m having none of it.”


Jade calls herself “exceptional” at her speciality.

“The deep throat specialist thing is what I’m exceptionally good at. I absolutely love it. 

“Once a boy said to me that I was different because I want to do it. I’m exceptional. It’s an ego thing when someone tells you you’re good at something.”

Despite porn’s omnipresence, people struggle to believe Jade when she flaunts her job. She says it made sense to work in porn, an industry she has been fascinated by since an early age. People around her “expected nothing less”.

“Porn is what I do for fun for the next couple of years. I do want a proper career.

“I’m a big headed person and I like to tell people. I often get accused of lying.”

It appears to be a glitzy industry, flooded with money and the allure of being on camera to the pleasure of not only thousands of viewers, but yourself as well.

It hits home when people stop her on campus, in the street and in clubs, asking for photos.

“One boy asked me outside a chip shop for a photo. He said ‘My mates will be so jealous I’ve met you’.”

Of course, there are dark sides. Jade’s career in porn is still in its infancy – it’s coming up to two years.

“I had one terrible experience. It was in Luton. I checked the guy out he seemed ok. But alarm bells started ringing when he gave off a massive gay vibe.

“We started off by massaging me which wasn’t very normal but I can understand the porn side to that but it got to a point when his friend was filming and he asked me to lap dance on his friend. 


“I said no that’s not something I want to do. The camera was still rolling and the guy I was supposed to do it with wasn’t there.

“Basically they tried to get me to sleep with his mate for free, like a free escort.

“Fortunately I wasn’t attacked but it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Jade claims she has learnt from this experience. Protecting herself from people trying to use her she says is fairly easy, as long as she is careful.


But stopping her family finding out was tough.

“Unfortunately when my first video came out, someone from my hometown recognised me and sent it to my Dad.

“I used to have a picture on my Dads’s driving school website, but this person sent it all to my Dad with my porn profile, videos, pictures. Everything. 

“He told my Dad this girl was a disgrace and he should remove the picture from his site. I don’t know if he knew I was his daughter.

“My dad just said he was really disappointed in me. He’s never actually said anything to my face.”

CarlyRaeColor 1


While initially her family panicked, as time has gone on Jade is now just the butt of the joke in the family.

“My Mum googled my name and she knew I did glamour modelling. But then she found all this stuff and came up to me and shouted at me, asking who had made me do it.

“They thought someone was forcing me into it but it’s not like that.

“My friend accidentally told my brother. He didn’t know I did all these videos and had only seen a glamour modelling photo. He had no idea about the rest and when he found out he got very angry. 

“Fortunately it’s not something that gets spoken about, but my mum likes to make jokes. So if we hear of another pornstar my Mum says ‘I’m sure Jade knows her then’. 

Having sex for a living brought Jade out of her shell. The shy girl who found it tough to make friends is now a bubbly and charismatic character.

When we talk she has pink highlights – which she says she’s constantly changing – a hoodie and a backwards flatcap.


It’s not how you’d expect a pornstar to appear in everyday life.

“I try to keep the real me away from that side as much as possible.”

That has not always been easy. Prioritising porn over her uni work threatened her degree.

“At first I was skipping uni and the porn was more important. My priorities were muddled.”

The university know about her job. But again, they had to find out – landing Jade in trouble and ruining any chance of a campus shoot.

“Some boy at uni called me the MMU pornstar on twitter. I thought it was a fantastic idea and used the hashtag. It lasted a week then my teacher told me off.

“The head of department questioned me in the same way my Mum did. They said it was my first warning because they knew I didn’t want to hurt the uni or anything. 

“I would absolutely love to do a shoot on campus, but realistically that’s not going to happen now. Some boy did try to make a video with me in MMU library toilets.”

new years

Jade with friends at home

The danger of getting caught comes hand in hand with the fetish of having people watch.

“I did have sex on the steps of a police station at home. It was closed and we couldn’t go back to mine. We just went up these steps and it went from there.

“The station was closed but people walking past were cheering.”

Jade doesn’t have to hide her job from a boyfriend. She has been single for five years. She went into porn with “nothing to lose”.

Webcamming may be safer. Without the physical contact, less can go wrong.

People like Jade get a worse reputation.

“Occasionally I get people being mean, particularly other girls. I don’t think people should judge it as harshly as they do.

“I do it because I love it. No one is holding a gun to my head and forcing me.”

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