Is this the wettest boyfriend ever? Dweeb orders Domino’s and champagne for third year girlfriend over Skype

Extra sausage please

Some say it with roses, others say it with chocolate. 

But damp rag Richard McKeever says it with Domino’s pizza – ordered in Belfast for his girlfriend living in Leamington Spa.

Richard, 26, missed his lover Juliet after she left Northern Ireland to study at Warwick.

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So he ordered her an extra cheese pizza, champagne, flowers, and a violinist to serenade her – costing him £483.

In a scene straight out of Shakespeare, Richard ate pizza with Juliet Harris, 21, at the same time over Skype.

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Third year Juliet, who met Richard on Reddit, recently moved from Belfast to Warwick to finish her degree in Biochemistry.

She said: “To say I was shocked was an understatement – not exactly your normal pizza delivery.

“It caused a bit of commotion on the street too, as passers-by stopped to stare and my neighbours didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“I was so touched and overwhelmed that Richard managed to pull this off – definitely a twist on our usual Two for Tuesday Domino’s pizza night in.”


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Domino’s put together the spiritless evening as part of a publicity stunt.

They arranged for star-crust lovers Richard and Juliet to continue their weekly pizza date night despite the 380 miles between them.

Richard said: “Long distance relationships can be tricky and it’s the little things you miss, like having dinner together and curling up on the sofa with a pizza and a film.

“I thought a bit of old fashioned romance might be able to help to bridge the gap.

“I never thought it would all come together and as well as helping with the delivery, Domino’s has offered us long-distance pizza dates for a year and some flights for Juliet to come and visit me in Belfast when she next has some time off, which is pretty amazing.”

Dominos_Richard & Juliet_11

Richard told the story of how he met Juliet online: “We got chatting about music on Reddit, our personalities clicked.

“We moved to Skype, three weeks later she flew here and we met for the first time.

“She visited whenever she could, and at the end of June she came to Belfast for the summer for a research placement.

“At first she was staying with me until she found somewhere else, then we thought – ‘why not just stay here?’

“I moved to a new house in August, and Juliet and all her things came with me.”

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He added: “We talk every day. All day. Skype, Kik Messenger, texts, phone calls. I’m amazed we aren’t sick of each other.”