How to handle your reading list and save a load of money

Swap heavy textbooks and library fines for discounted e-books and online price checking thanks to Blackwell’s


Every book in the library seems to weigh at least 10 kilos and comes with a warning that you’ll be ruthlessly fined if you forget to return it in time.

It took more than one trip to get all these home

It took more than one trip to get all these home

That’s if you’re lucky enough to get one of the only three copies available to be taken out of the library. Which is unlikely given there’s at least 50 others who all need the same book.

But, with the help of Blackwell’s, UK Book Retailer of the Year, we’ve figured out that there are better ways to handle your reading list that mean you don’t have to break the bank (or your back).

Don't worry, there is another way

Don’t worry, there is another way


Travelling light by using e-books

Rather than worrying about lugging your heavy textbooks into tutorials from halls every morning, you can buy your textbooks electronically through

As well as using their new digital learning service to buy and download digital textbooks, you also have access to a range of study tools that let you add your own bookmarks and annotations.

Blackwell Learning

You could be this happy too

It can be accessed from any device, whether it’s your brand new iPad (thanks student loan), laptop or smartphone, so you’ll never have to worry about fitting everything into your bag.

Blackwell’s stores also have the URL and QR code for the e-book next to its physical equivalent, so you have the option to choose between leaving the store with the physical book in your bag, or an e-book on your tablet.


Browse in store, buy online

Browse in store, buy online

If that’s not enough, an overwhelming majority of course books are available at a discounted price, leaving you with more student loan to spend on the stuff you really care about.

Saving money by getting the best price possible


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the feel (or the smell) of an actual, physical, real-life book. But, that doesn’t mean you should be throwing hundreds of pounds away on textbooks.

This guy loves reading

Blackwell’s are tackling the growing frustration of hidden course costs by reducing prices on all of their university bestsellers, with many new course books selling at half price.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly thrifty – and don’t mind your books not being brand new – Blackwell’s also have a selection of second-hand course books on offer.

How not to do it

Leaving it to a last-minute library dash (and not getting everything)

Determined not to spend any money on books at all, you decide you’ll just try and beat the rush to the library and get everything from there. You leave with half the books you need as all the others are gone, meaning you’ll either have to just not turn up to some of your tutorials or sit there clueless.

Have they got everything on the reading list? Of course not

Have they got everything on the reading list? Of course not

Plus, you’ve now got to try and make it home with what feels like a literal ton of books in your bags.

To make matters worse, some of the books are due back in three days so you either have to remember to constantly renew them or be prepared for a whopping library fine by the time you’re done with them.

A constant fear when relying on the library

This wouldn’t have happened if you’d bought your own book

Find books fun again: visit and discover how much money and hassle you could save

Studying never used to be this fun

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