I’m selling my jewel-encrusted Mercedes for the Manchester Dogs’ Home

And what?


A millionaire Russian student is putting her crystal-studded Mercedes up for auction – to raise money for the burned-down dogs’ home in Manchester.

Daria Radionova plans to take her silver Mercedes under the hammer to pitch in for the Manchester Dogs’ Home, which was destroyed in a fire earlier this month.

The 20-year-old was thrown into the limelight thanks to her £50,000 car, encrusted in £20,000 worth of Swarovksi gems.



Business and Management student Daria enjoys a lavish lifestyle in an apartment outside Harrods and spends her time buying macaroons and photographing jungle cats on yachts.

Her senseless wealth and love of animals is driving her to contribute to the timely cause of the devastated Manchester Dogs’ Home, which has already raised well over a million pounds in donations.


Daria told The Tab: “I’m going to put the car in an auction and raise money for charity.

“I want to raise money for the homeless animal shelter in the UK that was burned a few weeks ago, the one in Manchester. I cannot stay away from that situation.

“I’m planning to give money also to a charity in Moldova, where my family is now.”

A staff member from the Manchester Dogs’ Home said: “Oh god. It sounds tacky to me, but money’s money.”


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Daria studied her A-Levels at the exclusive Bellerbys College, which costs over £24,000 per year, and her GCSEs at Taunton School, for a hefty £31,000 per year.

She just graduated from a private London uni and said: “I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree, it’s better not to say which university.

“I’ve been studying Business and Management at a private university, it’s kind of secret, I don’t want to make it well known.”


Daria is staying in the city to read a Fashion Master’s at Regent’s, as she hopes to work in haute couture.

She added: “I would like to be a designer one day. In fact, lots of people think I’m a designer already because my style is that unique. Everyone asks me ‘are you a designer?’

“People have gone mad about what brands I like to wear.”


Salt of the earth Daria likes to spend her time shopping, clubbing, and travelling.

“I love to go shopping, I was actually just over at Harrods now. I chose my apartment because of its location across the road from Harrods.

“I also love clubbing. Every single day it’s a different club. I usually go to The Arts Club, Tramp, Annabel’s, Boodle’s, these are private members’ clubs.”



After a long week of lectures and essays, Daria jets off to Paris, Mykonos, and Dubai to photograph herself in front of expensive mirrors.

She also fits in time to spend with her family, who came to visit from Eastern Europe to see her car.


“My family is from Russia but is now in Moldova because of some circumstances.

“I don’t want to say what my parents do but they have their own company in another part of the country. My family love London and they are planning to come here.”



Daria added: “I didn’t expect this kind of attention for my car, it’s crazy. But for me, it’s fine.”