Were the killers British? Two men detained in connection with Thai beach murders

Friend of David’s who left island on first ferry after brutal murders is main suspect and is being questioned by police

The killers who bludgeoned a pair of UK students to death could be British men.

A pair of tourists who spent time with Essex student Hannah Witheridge and Leeds grad David Miller are in “police care”, say Thai authorities.

David Miller and Hannah Witheridge had been to a beach party before they left together

David Miller and Hannah Witheridge had been to a beach party before they left together

Christopher Alan Ware has been brought in for questioning after police stopped him trying to board a London bound flight with his brother, James.

It is believed the brothers were sharing a room with David at the Ocean View bungalows.

A picture of Christopher being interviewed by Koh Tao police shows a cut on his hand, which doctors are examining.

And now a post mortem examination has revealed David, 24, fought off his brutal attackers before being battered around the head and left to drown.

Water in his lungs confirmed he drowned, and injuries on his body are consistent with being dragged.

Hannah, 23, suffered a similar trauma to her head and tests affirm she was not raped, although there is evidence of sexual activity shortly before she died.

The case is expected to close today after DNA testing is completed on samples of hair found in Hannah’s hand and on traces of semen.

The duo responsible for the savage attack are said to have left the island of Koh Tao the day after the murders, and police wanted to speak to them “as a matter of urgency.”

No one has been formally arrested.


Police Colonel Songsak said on Monday: “We wish to interview David Miller’s friend but we cannot give out his details at this stage.

“His name has been circulated. We need to talk to him as a matter of urgency.”

The backpackers were found battered to death on a beach in the early hours of Monday morning.

A bloodied garden hoe was found nearby, and is believed to be the murder weapon.

The pair, who were semi-naked, were spotted on CCTV walking hand in hand to the idyllic beach just hours before they were killed.

David Miller

Yesterday Thailand’s Prime Minister came under fire after he suggested the backpackers should have known better than to venture out in the early hours.

He said: “We have to look into the behaviour of the other party too because this kind of incident should not happen to anybody and it has affected our image.

“What you need to do is explain to foreigners that it is not always safe everywhere.

“They think it’s safe like where they are from, everywhere and at any time, but our country still has problems.”

He was immediately criticised by Hannah’s MP Brandon Lewis, who said: “It is difficult to begin to understand the grief the family must be going through- it is a tragic situation.

“I have not seen anything indicating that there should be any blame on the victims, and right now the investigation will hopefully be targeted on finding the perpetrator of the crime.

“I hope the focus will be on bringing whoever committed this barbaric crime to justice.”