I made my boyfriend a comedy t-shirt but I couldn’t handle the fame

She never wants to see that t-shirt again

When Abbie Bartlett made her boyfriend a light-hearted t-shirt before his trip to Ibiza, she had no idea the storm it would cause.

The 20-year-old Northumbria fresher made her man a girl-repellent shirt plastered with loved-up pictures of the two before he jets off for a lads holiday in Ibiza.

It read: “I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me.”

But it wasn’t long before she was branded a “crazy psychopath” and now she said: “I never want to see that t-shirt again.”

Crazy psycho girlfriend

Abbie never wants to see this t-shirt again

Responding to claims that she’s a possessive maniac, Abbie said: “The response has been absolutely mental. People think I’m some sort of crazy psychopath girlfriend.

“Not everyone gets that this is funny, it’s hard to get your point across. In our relationship we carry on a lot and like to have a laugh. This is all for a bit of fun.

“My boyfriend Leon thinks it’s hilarious. He can’t believe that it’s gone so viral. It’s madness.”

Abbie Bartlett 2

She’s not a crazy psychopath

Now the attention has taken its toll on Abbie and Leon. She said: “We’re waiting for it to blow over now. This is getting a bit boring.

“I’m not going to make him another shirt. I don’t think I could deal with the fame again.”

Abbie made it clear that her boyfriend of six years won’t be kept on a tight leash when he heads to Ibiza this Friday.

She said: “Leon can do whatever he wants. He goes with his friends on holiday, I go with my friends on holiday. There’s 100 per cent trust, it works for us.”

Abbie Bartlett

Abbie, Leon, and their 5-year-old daughter Harley

Abbie is set to study Criminology at Northumbria next week and is anxious to get started.

“I’m more nervous than excited for uni. I don’t really know my way around and I’ll end up getting lost.”

With her degree she hopes to become a copper. She said: “I want to join the police, not as a bog standard police officer. I want to be a detective or something along those lines.

“I want to delve into other people’s lives and get my own back for people delving into mine.”

Abbie did confirm she will not be venturing into the world of t-shirt design.